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Glebe Primary School

Our Curriculum Vision

A guide for our parents/carers to find out more about our unique curriculum 

Glebe's Curriculum Vision

Our vision is to deliver an ambitious rich curriculum built around our core values of Nurture, Inspire and Challenge. The children from Reception to Year 6 have access to a highly organised and research-based curriculum that has an equal measure of interest and rigour. We want to enrich learning with big enquiring questions across all our subjects that aim to inspire them with a passion for learning and an ever-increasing breadth of knowledge. We offer curriculum enrichment through unique valued experiences that provide all of our pupils opportunities to enjoy new and varied activities linked to our NIC values, to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world.

What you will see at Glebe



  • Real life connections: Topics come to life through first-hand experience e.g. providing visits and visitors.
  • Underpinned by vocabulary: Key vocabulary is at the heart of each subject taught.
  • Inclusive: Modification and challenge are used in every subject to support all of our children’s needs.
  • Learning: All learning is both challenging and engaging. Subject Leaders support essential subject content which must be covered.
  • Safe environments: A safe and stimulating environment which enriches learning

What you will hear at Glebe  



  • Interviews: Children using subject specific vocabulary confidently when they speak
  • Reviewing: Discussing past learning with confidence.
  • In lessons: Enthusiasm and high engagement from all pupils.  
  • Happy children: Pupils feeling safe and secure in a caring and supportive environment where getting things wrong is acceptable and staff who listen to pupils' worries and concerns

What is unique to Glebe



  • Our NIC values: all learning opportunities at Glebe link to 20 lifelong values inside each of our 3 core values: Nurture, Inspire and Challenge 
  • The importance of a positive mindset: supporting our NIC values, is our belief in a positive mindset for both staff and pupils. These pedagogy traits are shared each half term and focus on resilience, community spirit, moral compass, values and problem solving
  • Interests and passions: Our half termly topics are driven by the interests and passions of our pupils and teachers. We are very much a school full of enquiry and we give children opportunities to pursue their own questions and their own research during a particular topic theme.
  • Specialist subject leaders: Our topics are supported by specialist subject leaders who have all had time to develop their subject expertise. They all offer training and support for colleagues and talk to children regularly about their learning.
  • RAP: Review And Progress elements are built into every subject to ensure our children are making connections to past learning. We utilise the latest research regarding working memory and RAP time is all about re-cap and recall activities. This helps children make connections in their thinking.
  • Thrive and Safeguarding team: We are lucky to have a team of trained staff ready to support and listen to our pupils when they need it the most. Our thrive and DSL team attend phase assemblies half-termly to ensure all of our children know who they can approach with any concerns or worries - no matter how big or small. 

The organisation of our curriculum 

A layered approach

LAYER ONE: Whole School Overview - click below to find out more 

LAYER TWO: Subject Overviews - click below to find out more 

 LAYER TWO: Year Group Overview -click below to find out more