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Glebe Primary School

What to wear at Glebe

Our Uniform Requirements

Our Governors and Staff believe that the wearing of uniform is an important and valuable aspect of our life at school. It also helps to create and develop a sense of belonging here at Glebe Primary School and aimed at affordability, ease of movement and practicality. We ask parents/carers to support us in this policy by ensuring that children are sent to school correctly dressed each day.

All Children: Main uniform requirements (please label all clothes clearly)

White blouse, shirt or polo shirt (top with a collar).

Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with or without the school logo.

Black/dark grey skirt, pinafore dress, trousers or shorts.

Younger children and anyone who finds it more comfortable should opt for an elasticated waist.

Tidy black or dark grey joggers or leggings are acceptable if more comfortable.

Sensible, sturdy school type flat black shoes (covered toes all year round).

We ask that young children have a velcro fastening until they are able to tie laces.

No boots or ankle boots.

Coats for school need to be labelled and please ensure they can be hung up on a hook.

A warm, waterproof coat is highly recommended for the winter months.

Dark or white socks only (not patterned or bright colours). Short or long socks.

SUMMER OPTIONAL: Blue and white striped/checked dress 

SUMMER OPTIONAL: Shorts- dark grey or black. 

SUMMER OPTIONAL: Baseball cap (house colours)

Other uniform requirements 

 PE Kits


All children have weekly PE lessons covering all aspects of the P.E Curriculum.

On days when children have P.E. at school they need to wear their PE kit to school:

    • Navy blue PE shirt with Glebe logo (from Sussex Uniforms) or a navy blue t-shirt
  • School jumper
  • Navy Blue or black shorts
  • Dark grey / navy / black joggers or leggings
  • Dark grey / black or white socks 
  • Trainers for P.E. velcro fastenings until children learn to tie their own laces 

All children:

Hair should be tied back and earrings taken out or taped up. No metal boot studs for football.

After School Sports Clubs

Kit for after school clubs must come to school in a labelled bag. Children change before their club starts and go home in their kit with their uniform in their bag.

For clubs we do not specify what children wear as long as it is suitable for the activity. For example, for football club a lot of children will wear a football kit but some will wear their PE kit or a mix of PE kit and a different top etc. As long as it is sports kit, safe and suitable for warm/wet weather then it is fine. Hair must be tied back and earrings taken out or taped up. No jewellery. No metal boot studs for football.

Swimming Y2/3/4 

 Swimming costume and towel, swimming hat (recommended).

Personal Belongings

We advise against children bringing personal belongings to school. It is very easy to mislay things and to forget about them. Anything children bring in to school is brought on site at their own risk and should be clearly labelled.

Children may bring a school bag or rucksack to carry their after school kit, reading book, reading journal, any homework, lunchbox and water bottle. This does not need to be a large bag. Each child has one peg for their coat and bag.

Children do not need any pens, pencils or any stationary. This is all provided. Please do not go to the expense of buying pens and cases.

Mobile Phones Years 5/6 only

Only children in Y5 and Y6 who walk to school and back without an adult may bring a mobile phone to school. Phones are not to be used on the school site and must be handed in to class teachers on arrival to class. Phones will be locked away during the school day and returned at home time. Phones should be clearly labelled.

Other requirements

Hair should be tied back at all times. Hair bands, grips and other hair accessories must be dark blue, grey or black.

only single stud earrings, one per ear can be worn. No other body piercings. 

No jewellery should be worn to school except a watch.

A water bottle is needed. Water only please. 

Children in YR have free milk and fruit provided daily for their snack. No extra food needs to come from home.

Children in KS1 (Y1 and Y2) have free fruit provided daily for their snack. No extra food needs to come from home.

Children in KS2 (Y3 to Y6) do not have free snacks and can bring fresh fruit or veg into school for their snack time. Only fresh fruit or veg is permitted.

BIRTHDAYS: Children wear their own clothes on their birthday. We advise against bringing sweets or treats for the class but do sing Happy Birthday and children can wear birthday badges.

Where to purchase our uniform from

 Our uniform can be purchased from Sussex Uniforms in Hove.

Website:  Sussex Uniforms

Address: Sussex Uniforms, 40 Blatchington Road, Hove, BN3 3YH

Telephone: 01444227066


Opening times: In store shopping/pick up and On line delivery 

Monday: 9am - 5pm
Tuesday: 9am - 5pm
Wednesday: 9am - 5pm
Thursday: 9am - 5pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: closed

Please also note that you can buy standard uniform items from most supermarkets and shops.