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Year 6 - Macbeth

The kids gained so much from this experience, enthusiasm, self-confidence, new friends and I saw so many proud parents on the night who will never forget the performance.

 By Fiona Dunn, Director and Parent 

A group of Year 5 and 6 children were given an amazing opportunity to take part in the ‘Shakespeare for Schools Festival’ (the world’s largest youth theatre festival)  where they wowed the audience in their unique interpretation of Macbeth on Wednesday 20th November. It was an incredible opportunity to perform on a real stage at the Old Market Theatre in Hove and experience all the backstage processes that go into a real-life stage performance. The dedicated cast have rehearsed during school hours and at an after school club since September, directed by Fiona Dunn, to create a hugely confident and professional performance of the Shakespeare’s classic. The children really got grips with the story by exploring the difficult Shakespearean language and truly understood the characters. 

It is definitely harder than normal English, but it is easier now, after rehearsing it.

 Megan Silburn, Year 5 pupil 

I thought I had already seen amazing performances on the London stages however last night, I experienced a breath-taking rendition of the tragic tale of woe (not for the faint- hearted) Macbeth performed by 30 young actors from Glebe Primary school who displayed an outstanding talent that should be remembered historically for years to come. The actors blew me away with their flawless performances especially when Banquo (Megan Silburn) was about to die – you could feel his fear and desperation to save his beloved son Fleance.

 By Amelia E, Year 6 


You could see all of the cast working together with such self-confidence and support (even with the lighting/camera crew – Amelia, Arthur and Sammy). All of the children were involved in this incredible production and all were praised with rapturous applause at the end of this unique retelling of Macbeth. Fiona Dunn (parent) directed this amazing rendition of this classic Shakespearian play including the innovating modern twist (Billy Eilish music) to kept the youth in the audience occupied and riveted for the duration of the performance. We all  thank Fee for her expertise - for sharing her acting experience and all – in - all being an inspiring human being.

 By Sam S, Year 6 pupil