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Home Learning help

Welcome to the Home Learning Help section of the website. Here you will find out about all areas of your child's home learning tasks. We have also included a list of useful websites that will support you in completing your home learning tasks.

How Home Learning works at Glebe 

Home Learning Books

Children in Key Stage 1 and 2 (Year 1-6) are given home learning tasks each week. Your child's home learning book is handed out on a Friday and then collected in on the following Wednesday.

Weekly home learning tasks include:

  • Reading (including KS2 Reading Journals) 
  • Times Tables 
  • Maths Keys 
  • Spelling Keys
  • Takeaway Tasks (once a year - optional)

General Reading

Please encourage your child to read daily at home 

 The children can always take home books from the classroom book corners or from either of our gorgeous KS1 or KS2 school libraries.

Reading at home makes a huge difference to children's confidence when learning to read and gives them the chance to practise this fundamental skill. 

Reading Journals (KS2 only)  

Our KS2 children (Years 3-6) also complete a reading response activity in their reading journal on a fortnightly basis. 

In KS2, the teachers select one reading journal winner every fortnight - these lucky children are then placed into a raffle to win a book of their choice from our special book box selection!

Times Tables 

By the end of Year 4, children are expected to know all their multiplication facts to 12 x 12, as well as the related division facts.

Although we spend time learning these facts in school, the children will greatly benefit from regular practice at home too.

The TT Rockstars website ( great for this and there are also some fun games at on the 7-11 years tab along the top).

To log in to TT Rockstars, enter ‘School’ as Glebe Primary School, Southwick, your child’s name as their first and surname without a gap, and ‘Password’ as glebe.

For example

School: Glebe Primary School, Southwick           

Username: joebloggs (no space between first and surname)

Weekly winners of TT Rockstars are celebrated in our Friday assembly. This takes into consideration the amount of time and points earned during a week. 

 Maths Keys (KS1 and KS2)

Each half term, each year group has a key skill or set of facts to master (for example, number bonds to 100 or 7 times table facts). All children in the year group focus on the same skill. A sheet is stuck into their home learning journal each half term to let you know our current focus and to give ideas on how to support your child in practising at home.

We practise daily in class and have a short weekly test (on Fridays) where children try to beat their previous week’s score or time. Children who find this challenging are supported in class; in exceptional cases, we ask children to work on an individual target instead to address gaps in their understanding. Children who are very confident are asked to apply their understanding through puzzles and problems, as well as being challenged to beat their time in the weekly test!

  • Examples of Maths Glebe Keys 


  • Maths Glebe Keys - overview of topics covered 


 Spelling Keys (KS1 and KS2)

For spellings at Glebe, we focus on short, daily spelling sessions in class. Each half term, we send home some key spellings appropriate for each of our year group which the children are tested on at the end of the half term.

We would be grateful if you could spend some time each week looking at these words with your child.

In addition to the ‘Spelling Keys’, we also practise spelling rules and patterns in class.

 Takeaway Tasks

In each year group, your child receives details about a 'Takeaway Task'. This is a home learning project to be completed over a number of weeks where the children will have a degree of choice over how they complete the challenge. The aim of these tasks are for the children to have fun and share some of their enthusiasm for their school topics with their families at home.  

Home Learning Books - communication between teacher and parent/carer

 Parent/Carers are asked to sign or comment in these books on a weekly basis. The books are a really useful communication tool between home and school – each week, we send home reminders and information via the home learning sheet. We also value your feedback and will respond to any comments you wish to make in the space provided.

At the back of your home learning books, we also ask that you sign our home-school agreement. 


We really do greatly appreciate your support with ensuring your child completes their home learning tasks. Thank you!