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Year 2:

Year 2: Arundel Castle Trip

Year 2 had a fabulous trip to Arundel Castle and we were so proud of the children’s behaviour and how well they represented the school. The children were in four groups and were led by an experienced tour guide around the magnificent grounds and interior of the castle. During the day each group had the opportunity to experience different parts of the castle and learn about how they were used in medieval times. We learnt all about the castle’s defences and visited its oldest structure, ‘The Keep’.

We visited the Great Hall which was a huge room and had a lion skin rug! In our History lessons we have been comparing how the Great Hall was used with how our school hall is used today. After that the guides showed us the dreaded ‘Oubliette’, not normally shown to members of the public; a dark and dingy hole in the ground where prisoners were thrown and ‘forgotten about’ forever! The children also had the opportunity to see and hold real weaponry from medieval times and even got to dress up as a character from long ago! The jester outfits were very funny!

After lunch everyone had a relaxing stroll through the castle grounds and gardens. The children had lots of fun in the maze and searching for conkers!

After finding our way through twisting, narrow spiral staircases and gingerly stepping around the high battlements, we were all extremely tired out but full of fantastic facts with which to add to our classroom learning. A great day was had by all!