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Anxiety Workshop - Thursday 9th May

We have another great opportunity for you to attend an anxiety workshop being delivered by Dr Sharie Coombes – Child and Family Psychotherapist. 

Please join us for a coffee before the workshop starts at 8.45am for a 9am start. The workshop will last an hour.


For parents across the primary range, the focus will be on:

  • psycho-education about why we get anxious and worried and why it's just normal biology in an abnormal situation
  • how anxiety and worry can manifest in physical symptoms (tummy ache/headache) and behaviour (anger/ withdrawal/ clingy/friendships etc.) -  they are a communication about emotional experience
  • hierarchy of emotions - why a good day at school can be reported differently  
  • regulation and self-regulation for parent and child
  • practical strategies to try 
  • other sources of support

Please sign up for a place on the school website – we’d love to see you