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A HUGE thank you 

to David Litchfield and Ross Montgomery for visiting our Year 5 team

I'm never going to forget this day. It has just been the best! 

By Aiden M, Year 5 pupil 

Last Friday, we enjoyed a visit from not just not one but two prize-winning authors! The children in Year 5 were lucky enough to spend the day working with the brilliantly talented author-illustrator, David Litchfield, and  the equally amazing story-teller, Ross Montgomery. The pair, who have collaborated on many joint projects themselves, led two creative workshops encouraging the year group to show their skills in writing and illustration

The task given to the pupils was linked to the book, The Building Boy - written by Ross and illustrated by David. After sharing the story with the children, they were asked to create a new destination for the main characters to visit. 

It was just fantastic to see how many different ideas the children had for this task the range of settings was  so vast from snow-capped mountains to the colourful sea-beds, from gruesome graveyards to the big top of the circus, from rich rainforests to the moon! The variety was incredible!"

 By Mrs  Davies , Year 5 teacher

It was so great to see the children being inspired by Ross and David as they shared their own individual approaches to writing and drawing. The whole session really was a masterclass! 

The visit by this dynamic duo was particularly significant for one class in the year group: 5 Litchfield - who are, of course, named after David Litchfield. They have been touch with him prior to the workshop - but to meet him 'in the flesh' was beyond exciting for them - and he was given a real pop-star welcome! They were also ecstatic about meeting Ross too, having just recently enjoyed reading his very exciting book, Max and the Millions.

  At Glebe, we love to read and illustrate too!


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