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Year 5

Life in Year 5 - the start of upper school 

In Year 5, we seek to provide your children with many unique and unforgettable experiences as well as ensuring that they learn and develop of a range of skills through some exciting and inspiring topics, such as: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Space.

As with all learning at Glebe, our aim is to make it ‘irresistible’ and Year 5 is certainly no exception! We hope to inspire your lovely children with inspiring learning opportunities. 

Meet the team

  • Mrs Peace (Team Leader) 
  • 5 Magnolia Mr Baker
  • 5 Oak Mr McRae
  • HLTA: Mrs Gbago
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Dunsford, Ms Wirtzfeld and Mrs Harris

Year 5 Learning 2023-24



How we teach English and Maths at Glebe Primary School

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WOW Moments in Year 5!

On the very first day after lunch, Year 5 came to their tables to find an Anglo-Saxon poo waiting for them! 

Yes, you read that correctly!  They overcame all of their instincts to run a mile and instead bravely dissected them to find out what Anglo-Saxons used to eat (onions, carrots, parsnips, peas and more!).  We loved just how much fun the children had and we can be sure that this was a VERY memorable learning experience! 

Geography Week in Year 5!

In geography week, Year 5 went exploring along our local coastline and took a walk along the very lovely and scenic Shoreham Beach. 

We saw all of the different human and physical features, drew a field sketch of them and had a great time there as well - what more could you want from a day at school?

The Vikings - How should we remember the Vikings?

What we are up to: As a perfect follow on from the Anglo-Saxons in the first half of half of the Autumn term, in Autumn 2, we are moving on to find out about the Vikings, who they were and their impact was on British and global history. 

Our Big Question is asking "How should we remember the Vikings?"

They are often thought of and portrayed as vicious raiders who lived a very harsh and brutal life.  But is this entirely true?  We seek to find out who they really were and what incredible achievement they had beyond the stereotype.   

What else are we up to: If you fancy a quick round up of what else we have been up to during your child's time so far in Year 5, please do take a look at our WOW moments above!

Half Term Walkthrough


Our Brand New Year 5 Curriculum Overview