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Year 6 visit the Globe in London

Year 6 started their topic…’Shake it like Shakespeare’ with a bang in September when they visited Shakespeare’s very own theatre…The Globe, in London! The children took part in a ‘Macbeth’ workshop as well as being given a guided tour of the theatre itself. We also popped into The Tate Modern art gallery  (it would have been rude not to as it was only next door).

When we first arrived, it was like stepping into a whole new world. Even though I had been to London before, it felt very different. The Globe Theatre felt like a massive, impressive piece off architecture (even though it was rebuilt in 1997!). Our Macbeth workshop was fun too.The Tate Modern was also a brilliant place for me, as I am an artistic person – especially with drawing. My favourite parts were all of the cartoony style bits. It was an unforgettable experience for me, and I’m sure that is was for everyone else too.

 By Floyd, Year 6 pupil


I was blown away when we first arrived in London! A lot of work had been put into arranging this amazing trip. When we went into the Tate Modern, the art was magnificent; I was amazed…totally mesmerized - I couldn’t take my eyes off it! Also don’t let me forget about the Globe Theatre - it was just incredible to stand in a theatre that the famous poet/play writer (William Shakespeare) had originally built so many years ago – it was unforgettable.

 By Riley S, Year 6 pupil