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Everything new parents/carers needs to know about life in Glebe's reception classes

Information for new reception parents/carers

Life in Reception 

During their year in Reception, children learn to become proper little people.

We will start a lifelong love of learning. We make new friends every day and learn to look after one another. We develop the ability to become independent learners, become more confident in making choices and even support our peers. We make learning fun! At Glebe, we care deeply about the whole child and not just the fantastic phonics, wonderful writing and marvellous maths skills we teach. We also learn to be great friends, look after ourselves and how to make the right choices. We love our learning environment and the children do too. Come join the fun here in Reception at Glebe!

Starting at Glebe 

 We believe that the learning in Reception is an important foundation upon which the rest of the child’s education is built.  Meeting the children’s individual needs and making sure children and families feel included, safe and valued lies at the heart of the EYFS curriculum at our school.

Staggered Entry  

 To ensure that the children have a calm and enjoyable transition to Glebe, we have a system of staggered entry so that only ten children start new each day across the first week. Details of your child's first day will be shared at the New Parents' information evening.

Taster Sessions 

Children starting at Glebe are invited to two or three taster days in the Summer term. On these days, your child will have the opportunity to explore the environment and meet other children who are coming to Glebe. It is also a good opportunity for you to meet other parents and carers and have an informal chat with the staff team.


School Times  

8.45am – 11.40am/12.30pm – 2.50pm


Morning session: 8.40 - 11.40
Our class doors open at 8.45am.  Teachers will come onto the playground and the children will be collected.

Afternoon session: 12.30 - 2.50
Children will return to the classroom for the afternoon session and will be dismissed at 2.50pm by the class teachers.  Once again, during this “handover time” there is a chance to have an informal chat about your child’s day at school and to pass on any relevant information. Please wait in the playground.

The first few weeks   

The first few weeks are likely to be very tiring for your child, even if they have previously been to a nursery.  Adapting to new routines and becoming familiar with new adults and buildings may be quite bewildering.  As a result your child may return home a little grumpy and tired during these first few weeks.  This is a normal reaction until a new routine is established.  

In order for your child to settle in as happily as possible during these first few weeks, there are some things you can do at home:

  • Encourage your child to put on, do up and take off their own coat and shoes. This may take a little time but your child will only succeed through practice.
  • Encourage your child to recognise his/her own name.
  • Encourage your child to write his/her name in lower case letters.
  • Encourage your child to be involved in tidying up after him/herself.

 You can also support the learning your child is doing in school through

  • Singing nursery rhymes, counting rhymes and action rhymes 
  • Playing simple games which involve turn taking and sharing
  • Shopping: counting, sorting fruit and vegetables 
  • Talking about letters, numbers and shapes in the environment 
  • Providing opportunities to write and draw daily in different contexts
  • Letting your child help you cook, clean and wash up etc
  • Using lower case letters when modelling writing 
  • Talking about letter sounds not names - i.e. 'a' as in "apple" not "alien"
  • Using scissors, paintbrushes regularly 

Packed Lunches 

 Please can your child bring their packed lunch in a named box.  We also ask that, for safety reasons, your child does not bring any glass bottles into school.  As we are a “Healthy School” children should not bring in any sweets or chocolate bars for their school lunch. Due to the high number of allergies at school, we are a NUT free zone. Please ensure your child does not bring any type of nut in their packed lunch boxes. Please note that all children in reception are entitled to a free school meal. If you would like your child to have a hot school meal, please contact our office.


 Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and will have access to fruit and vegetables (which is provided by the school) throughout the morning.  The school will provide your child with a named water bottle for you to fill with drinking water daily. 


 www.CoolMilk.Com  provide milk for children.  All children under 5 years of age are provided with free milk, however once your child turns 5 you need to pay for the milk.  You can order your child’s daily milk from using their website or by completing the milk request form in this Welcome Pack.  All correspondence and payment regarding school milk is between the parent and Cool Milk. 


 If your child needs regular medication (i.e. an inhaler) please complete a form from the school office.  If your child needs regular short term medicine (i.e. cough syrup) you will need to speak to a member of the office staff.  Cough sweets are not allowed in school.

The Headteacher is the member of staff responsible for managing the administration of medicines in school and ensuring compliance with West Sussex County Council guidance.

Reference is also made to the DFEE guidance, 'Supporting Children with Medical Needs' which can be found at:

DfE - Supporting Children with Medical Needs