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Hiring of Glebe's facilities  

Glebe Primary School supports the community by allowing groups or individuals to hire rooms at very reasonable rates. The school hall, playground, community room (with cooking facilities), classrooms and group rooms are available in the evenings and at weekends for regular bookings or "one-off" lettings.

Our brand new sports hall has a sizeable stage and an extra-large drop down screen suitable for projected images and power point presentations.


Rooms Per hour before 6pm Evenings from 6pm, weekends & non-school days
first hour   additional
(8 hrs +) 


Playground (with option to use hall due to weather)

 £15  £25 £10 £80


(without option to use hall)

 £10  £20 £5 £50

Dr Cecil French Community Room

(with cooking facilities)

 £20  £35 £15 £130
Classroom   £12  £20 £7 £65
Group Room  £6  n/a n/a n/a

* In most cases the school Premises Manager will be required to unlock/lock the school at the beginning and end of the hire period. Where there is a need for the Premises Manager to remain during the hire period additional charges will be made to the costs of the hire.

** Prices may be negotiable in exceptional circumstances, such as community events, etc. This will be at the school governors discretion.

What to do next

Persons wishing to hire the school should apply through our school Business Manager

Contact: Mrs Jo Gathern 

Phone: 01273 592163


Premises will only be let at the Head’s and Governors’ discretion.

Please view the links below for more detailed information. The following forms will need to be completed and sent to the school along with any required documentation. Once the letting has been agreed, a countersigned copy will be returned to you for your records

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