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Governing Body

The role of a School Governor is demanding but very rewarding and is a good way to give back to your local community.  Glebe’s Governing Body meet every half term and are responsible for working together with the school at a strategic level to ensure that it delivers a good quality education for all our pupils.

How our Governors challenge school leaders 

  • Help ensure clarity of our vision, values and strategic direction 
  • Hold our headteacher to account for educational performance of the school and our pupils as well as the performance management of staff
  • Oversee financial performance of the school and makes sure our money is well spent
  • Complete regular visits to monitor key aspects of the school's development to provide support and challenge where needed
  • Observe and speak to our pupils in school in order to gain an understanding of the learning, behaviour and well-being of all our pupils 
  • Hearing regularly from members of the staff, both informally during monitoring visits as well as through formal presentations delivered to the Governing Body 

Meet the team: Members of Glebe's Governing Body 2018-19 









Please click here for Instrument of Governance 

Glebe's Governing Body has 12 positions available; 6 co-opted, 3 parents, 1 LA , 1 Community and 1 staff.

The headteacher is also a member of the Governing Body.  



Date of appointment  End of appointment  Date retired Governor category



Details of business interest Attendance
at meetings

Joy Waelend





Headteacher  6/7  Headteacher
Shane Hales 28.03.2017 27.03.2021 Chair LA Works at Shoreham Academy  7/7 Chair of Governors Safeguarding; PP; Finance; EYFS; Sports Premium; Y2; Y3; Y6 
Dave Maskell 01.02.2015 19.03.2023 Co-opted Governing Body None 7/7 Finance;  Sports Premium; Y1; Y3; Y4
Simon Uddin  16.05.2018 15.05.2022 Co-opted Governing Body  None 3/7 Finance; Data; PP; Sports Premium; Y2; Y5
Colleen Wells 02.10.2018 01/10/2022 Co-opted Governing Body  None 3/6 Data; SEN CLA; Website; EYFS; Y3; Y6
Michaela Hearn 02.11.2018 01.11.2022 01.05.2019 Staff Staff Staff Member
Tom Connolly 05.11.2018 04.11.2022 Co-opted Governing Body  None 3/5 Safeguarding; Data; PP; EYFS; Y2; Y4
Kevin Jarman 30.10.2018 29.10.2022 Co-opted Governing Body  None 3/5 Health & Safety; Safeguarding; Website; EYFS; Y1; Y4; Y5
James Dempster 30.10.2018 29.10.2022 Vice Chair Co-opted Governing Body  None 4/5 Vice Chair; Safeguarding; Data; SEN CLA; Website; Y3; Y6

Jon Sygrave


19.10.2018 18.10.2022 Parent Parents None 4/5 Health & Safety; Finance; Website; Y4

Jo Findlay


05.03.2019 04.03.2023 Parent Parents None 2/2 Health & Safety; PP; SEN CLA; Y1; Y5

Roscoe Sellers


14.03.2019 13.03.2023 Parent Parents None 2/2 Health & Safety; SEN CLA; Sport Premium; Y1; Y6
Susan Phillpot 09.03.2018 08.03.2022 14.03.2019 Parent  Parents None 2017-18: 3/3
Daisy Dawson 15.01.2015 14.01.2019 12.09.2018 Parent Parents None 2017-18: 5/8
Mark Chee 18.05.2017 17.05.2021 31.10.2018 Co-opted Governing Body None 2017-18: 8/8
Mike Thomas 01.01.2017 31.12.2020 11.01.2019 Parent Parents None 2017-18: 6/8
Matt Miller 29.11.2017 28.11.2021 17.10.2018 Co-opted  Governing Body  Staff member 2017-18: 5/5
Former Governors in Post for academic year 2017 / 2018
Date of appointment End of appointment Date retired Governor category Appointed by Details of business interest Attendance at meetings Roles
Jo Kelly Headteacher Headteacher 2017-18: 8/8
Simon Whitmore 01/02/2015 31/01/2019 28/02/18 Co-Opted Governing Body WSCC Outdoor Education Adviser/Spouse works at Glebe 2017-18: 5/5 Chair of Governors
Cyril Crua 01/02/2015 31/01/2019 28/01/2018 Co-Opted Governing Body Spouse works at Glebe 2017-18: 3/4
Pauline Marsh 02/10/2013 30/09/2021 18/07/2018 Staff Staff Staff member 2017-18: 7/7
Clare Jackson 01/02/2013 31/01/2019 16/10/2017 Co-Opted Governing Body Staff member 2017-18: 2/3
Kate Vallance 30/06/2016 29/06/2020 29/03/2018 Co-Opted Governing Body 2017-18: 2/6 Personnel/HR
Mark Milburn 01/01/2017 31/12/2020 07/02/2018 Parent Parents 2017-18: 4/5
Lizzy Whitmore 28/03/2017 27/03/2021 None 
Co-Opted Governing Body Staff member 2017-18: 6/6 SEND / CLA / Inclusion

 Governor definitions 

  • STAFF GOVERNORS: members of the staff at the school and are elected by the Governing Body 
  • CO-OPTED GOVERNORS: Co-opted Governors are appointed by other Governing Body members because they come from a specialist group, such as the business community or because they possess a particular skill which can contribute to the effective governance and success of the school 
  • PARENT GOVERNORS: Governors who have a child in school at the time of their election and are elected by the parents with children at the school
  • LA GOVERNORS: Authority Governors who are nominated by the local council and appointed by the Governing Body

Contacting the Chair of Governors  

Our Chair of Governors, Shane Hales, can be contacted through our school office.

Phone: 01273 592163


Minutes of Glebe's Governor meetings 

Minutes of all our governor meetings are available from our school office on request or can be downloaded here from our Governor Minutes section of our website