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Year 5

Life in Year 5

In Year 5, we seek to provide your children with many unique and unforgettable experiences as well as ensuring that they learn and develop of a range of skills through some exciting and inspiring topics!

As with all learning at Glebe, our aim is to make it ‘irresistible’ and Year 5 is certainly no exception! We hope to inspire your lovely children with learning opportunities such as our Roman Day supported by a workshop delivered by the fabulous Rainbow Theatre. In the Autumn Term, as part of our Invaders and Settlers topic, we also enjoy a trip to Bignor Roman Villa to see first-hand what daily life was like in Roman Britain.

A change of time period for the Spring Term as we come bang up to date with a study of Europe and the Wider World in our One World topic. The learning at this time involves a close look at many topical global issues such as the growing threat of plastic in our oceans, poaching animals such as the rhino to extinction and the various issues surrounding the refugee crisis.

Then, in the Summer Term, we say a fond farewell to beautiful planet Earth as we blast off into the stratosphere with our Lost in Space topic! The children will enjoy a fact-packed, fun-filled Space Day and a truly exciting visit to a mobile planetarium – which is, quite simply, out of this world!

So much to look forward to in the year ahead – therefore, tighten your seatbelts, children and get ready for the ride! 

Meet the team

  • Alli Godfrey (Phase Leader) 
  • 5 Biddulph Christina Lockhart, Kirsten Beatty and Becca Rose 
  • 5 Litchfield Anne Ballard 
  • Teaching Assistants: Sue Harris and Fab Lowry (HLTA)

Autumn Term Topic 2019: Shakespeare

Our main cross-curricular topic this term is ‘Shakespeare’ with a historical focus on Monarchs such as King John and Queen Victoria.

Our theme will link to several subjects across the curriculum:

  • In Literacy, we will looking at an adapted version of the famous play ‘Macbeth’ and responding through drama, music, a range of creative writing, poetry and role play/drama.
  • In History, we will be looking at the changing power of monarchs such as King John and Queen Victoria.
  • In maths we will be covering place value, number, which includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - problem solving & reasoning as well as learning Roman Numerals to 1000.
  • In Guided Reading, we are using the text Checkmate by Stewart Foster which links nicely to our Chess lessons.
  • Chess lessons:  we will learning how to play Chess every Monday afternoon with a Chess teacher. There will also be an afterschool Chess club. More details to follow.
  • In Music, we will be learning a range of songs based on Shakespeare’s plays accompanied by percussion instruments.
  • In Computing, we are looking at theatre design and creating our own theatre using simple design software.
  • In RE, we will learning about The Bible and celebrations.    

Autumn Topic Overview 2019 

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How we teach English and Maths at Glebe Primary School

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For all other subjects please see our curriculum section on the home page. 

Our WOW days

Our Year 5 Curriculum Overview 

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