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Year 3

Life in Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 and to the start of Key Stage 2. This is a very special year full of change, challenge and confidence building.

In Year 3 we plan to stimulate curiosity, promote questioning and take the children’s learning deeper. Over the year we will explore some exciting topics such as The Stone Age, Light and Dark, The Ancient Egyptians and The History of Brighton.

Meet the team 

  • Team Leader Mr Lewis
  • 3 Alder Mr Pavely (Lead Teacher)
  • 3 Elm Ms Lockhart (Mon- Tues) Mrs Fitzgerald (Wed-Fri)
  • 3 Lime Mrs McHugh
  • Y3/4 HLTA: Mrs Cullen
  • Y3/4 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Lee, Mrs Gillingham, Mrs Weatherill, Ms Molloy, Mrs Windsor, Miss Silver, Mrs Evans and Mrs Jones 

Year 3 Learning 2023-24


How we teach English and Maths at Glebe Primary School

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WOW Moments 23-24

CAVE PAINTING: To kick start our Stone Age topic the children in Year 3 went on an exicting cave painting hunt around the school. They found lots of different types of images that ancient humans painted. These included horses, hands and even woolly mammoths! The children then used this inspiration to create their very own cave paintings at the start of our topic!
"The children were very excited a hunt around the school for the cave art and loved creating their own!"  Mrs McHugh, Year 3 teacher.

DRAMA EXPERIENCE: A fabulous kick start to our new topic all about Ancient Egypt! Year 3 travelled around the world with Philius Fogg the intrepid explorer in an exciting drama experience. We time travelled and stopped off in various places including Paris, France where we visited the Eiffel Tower. In Egypt, we met an Egyptian mummy, scary! Our final destination was Australia where we encountered a crocodile called Bruce! 

'It was such an exciting way to begin our learning at the start of Autumn 2 term.' Ms Lockhart, Year 3 teacher. 

 GEOGRAPHY FIELD WORK: Year 3 completed an exciting train and walking trip to the River Adur as part of our Geography Week. Children took part in different types of fieldwork. They had fun completing field sketches - looking at the river's meander and source - as well as learning about the river itself, its course and its role in our local area. We also took the opportunity to spot other key physical and human features in the local area including the beach!

EGYPTOLOGIST VISIT: As part of our learning on Ancient Egypt, the children very lucky to have been visited by an Egyptology expert! They came and spoke to us about their incredible work as an Egyptologist and explored the discovery of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter. This inspired the children with their own letters in the same style as Howard Carter's amazing discovery.

Year 3 and 4 Paper Aeroplane Competition: In order to raise money for our school trips later this year, our key stage took part in a sponsored paper aeroplane competition during the last week of last half term. We all had to design, make and fly our own planes to see who's went the furthest in our year groups. We are delighted to announce that we raised an incredible £1,473.94! Thank you all so much for your generous donations. The winners: Our Year 3 winner was Jackson L who managed an 11 metre throw. In Year 4 our winner was Ronnie J’s with a whopping 22 metre throw!  

Our Year 3 Curriculum Overview 

year 3 year overview website 2023 2024.pdf