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Year 2

Life in Year 2

Key Stage 1 –no problem! After a fantastic year in Year 1, Year 2 are ready for anything that’s thrown at them! We’re much more independent now and settled in our learning. We can work on our own, in groups and as a whole class. 

As with all learning at Glebe, our aim is to make it ‘irresistible’ and Year 2 will certainly keep up the fun and excitement.

Meet the team for 2023-24

  • Team Leader Miss Leeves
  • 2 Pine Tree Class (2P) Miss Kelly
  • 2 Willow Tree Class (2W) Mr Bushell (Monday + Tuesday) and Mrs McCauley (Wednesday to Friday)
    • 2 Hornbeam Tree Class (2H) Mrs Marriott (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Dudding (Wednesday to Friday) Lead Teachers
    • KS1 HLTA: Miss Schaverien
  • Teaching Assistants: Miss Day, Mrs Sutton, Miss Sinden, Miss Trimm and Ms Molloy

Year 2 Learning 2023 - 2024



Some of our Year 2 WOW moments!

Year 2 had an absolutely amazing time when we came to school dressed up in medieval costumes for our castle day adventures! 

"I enjoyed how much fun it was and dressing up. I thought we all looked great!" Macie

Throughout the day, children were able to participate in lots of activities, including a variety of crafts, researching and designing their own catapults and role play.  We learnt lots about the different defensive features of castles and why so many stone castles were built after the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066 - we even built some castles using Lego!

We had a great time role playing with each other and using the small world toys to re-enact the Norman Invasion!

The children also learnt a medieval dance to perform together and even took part in a pretend jousting competition outside! 

"I loved the dancing and going in and out of the circles." Beau


Geography Week in Year 2

The children in Year 2 had a great time taking part in our Local Geography Week!  The children learnt all about our local area, the UK and the world!  Over the week, the children learnt about the North and South Poles, the Equator and how to locate North, South, East and West on a map. 

They used globes and maps to find the seven continents and five oceans and also to think about the human and physical geographical features of where we live.


The children in Year 2 also had a special focus on learning about the weather during the week.  They kept a weather diary and went on a weather walk around school every day.  The children recorded the temperature, rainfall, wind direction and cloud cover in Southwick.  They also went online and compared this information with the weather in the capital cities across the UK - London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

Thank you to Mrs Marriott and Mrs Dudding who are our Geography leaders and put this week together for us!    

How we teach English and Maths at Glebe Primary School

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Year 2 Curriculum Overview 2023-24

year 2 year group overview 2023 24 for website.pdf


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