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School Clubs

Sports Club Leader: Frances Block 

 Here at Glebe Primary School, we provide a wide range of clubs that run at different times throughout the year.

Some of our clubs are run by our own dedicated members of staff who have a particular interest or expertise in a club.  Other clubs however are organised and run by outside agencies. Please note, where this is the case, there may be a small fee for participation.

Expectations when joining a school club

  • Behaviour: We expect the same high standards of behaviour in all our clubs as we do within our classrooms.
  • Attendance: We expect pupils to commit to a club they have joined. If a pupil is unable to attend or wishes to withdraw from a club, we would expect the teacher running the club to be notified. Please be mindful that there is usually a waiting list for each club.

 Clubs on offer Autumn Term 2019

All clubs run from 3pm to 4pm

  • MONDAYS: Years 3&4 Football Team Only; Years 5&6 Football Academy
  • TUESDAYS: Years 1-6 Girls’ Football Academy; Years 3&4 Games; Years 4-6 Girls’ Football Team Only; Years 5&6 Basketball
  • WEDNESDAYS: Years 1&2 Football Academy, Young Voices, 
  • THURSDAYS: Years 1&2 Games; Years 5&6 Football Team Only
  • FRIDAYS: Years 5&6 Netball; Years 3&4 Football Academy


You must fill out the online club booking system to indicate your child's interest in any of our clubs above. There are limited spaces and therefore we will contact you if your child has secured a place.