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Glebe Primary School

Our School Vision Statement

To enable every individual regardless of ability to achieve their full potential, to prepare for future life and to become life long learners, developing a thirst for learning and to become good citizens equipped for the challenges of the 21st century.

An excellent school is a place where people care more than others think is wise, risk more than others things is safe, dream more than others think is practical, and expect more than others think is possible…

Roy  Blatchford 

Our School MotTO

We nurture and inspire others and challenge ourselves. Be brave, be kind and seize the day!

The values that underpin this vision are set out under the following headings.

Our ‘NIC’ Values are- Nurture, Inspire and Challenge 


To Develop An Understanding Of Self

Each child is guided to

  • Develop an appreciation and awareness of self
  • Become independent learners and thinkers
  • Achieve their fullest potential regardless of their ability and gender
  • Have high personal expectations of work and behaviour
  • Have a positive attitude towards their own learning
  • Show a healthy attitude to living an active life through sport and other recreational activities
  • To learn how to make healthy choices and how to keep themselves safe.

To Develop An Understanding Of Relationships

Each child should

  • Care for others and oneself
  • Show mutual respect and tolerance for spiritual and cultural diversity
  • Show respect for people's feelings and wellbeing and to treat others as we would wish to be treated (NIC Golden Rule) 
  • Understand the importance of learning together, and working together as a team


To Develop An Understanding Of Society and British Values

Each child should endeavour to become

  • Good citizens of Great Britain
  • Effective and constructive members of the community
  • Able to appreciate and celebrate their own and others success
  • Valuable members of the school community

To Develop An Understanding Of The Environment

Each child should

  • Take an active role in caring for the learning environment of the school
  • Be safe and cared for in a stimulating learning environment
  • Know who to speak to if they have a worry or concern 
  • Appreciate and respect the environment of the school

Through exposure to a wide range of teaching and learning experiences, pupils will achieve their full potential as independent, THINKING learners. Relevant, enjoyable and enriching activities will develop their thirst for life-long learning.

As a school our belief is that every child deserves to succeed regardless of his or her ability.


  • That every child should believe in themselves and know what they are great at doing.
  • That children gain learning to learn skills and become reflective and ambitious in their own targets.
  • That we challenge ourselves as a school to keep learning and to find every opportunity for every child, in a fast changing and evolving world.

Learning is best supported when teachers...

  • Provide a safe and stimulating environment which enriches learning
  • Encourage an active approach to learning in a range of appropriate groupings
  • Establish positive relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.
  • Have good knowledge and understanding of the subjects
  • Plan learning experiences/activities that build upon pupils backgrounds, interests and attainments
  • Share learning objectives with pupils
  • Observe pupils, listen to them and analyse progression in their learning
  • Interact with pupils in order to take their learning forward
  • Recognise and praise achievement and use this as the basis for future planning
  • Encourage and facilitate ownership of pupils own learning
  • Make lessons fun and enjoyable
  • Use a variety of teaching styles and multi-sensory methods suitable to their learning styles
  • Are flexible in their approach
  • Have an awareness that children have different learning styles
  • Are given an opportunity to improve their own professional development
  • Are prepared to take a risk and be innovative
  • Promote good citizenship
  • Have high expectations of every child in their care

Children learn best when they...

  • Are challenged appropriately with consideration to pace, support and extension
  • Feel safe and secure in a caring and supportive environment where getting things wrong is acceptable
  • Are stimulated
  • Are given opportunities to succeed
  • Have confidence to speak up and have their voice heard
  • Have high expectations of themselves
  • Feel that what they are being taught is relevant to their later life and learning
  • Are exposed to a variety of teaching and learning styles
  • Are given opportunities to develop confidence and self esteem
  • Are given the appropriate inclusive curriculum for all abilities
  • Build on previous learning both cross curricular and cross phase
  • Are exposed to a variety of stimulating resources
  • Are taught by a variety of specialists as appropriate
  • Have parents and other members of the community who support them in their learning
  • Have access to a variety of learning mediums
  • Consider, respect and value others

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