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Year 5

Flight across Europe 

I never knew I was going on a flight around Europe when I woke up this morning but I really enjoyed it – especially the croissant and orange juice!

 By Connor  W, Year 5

As a stunning start to our One World topic, the children were invited to join us in a short haul flight around Europe courtesy of EasyGlebe Airlines. The children quickly grabbed their passports and headed straight to the departure lounge – where they were greeted by two extremely helpful passenger service agents (Patrick and Salma) - ready to issue their boarding cards ready for the flight.

Once on board, all passengers were giving safety advice by Captain Godfrey before taking off. During the flight, EasyGlebe customers were treated to some refreshments (provided by Senior air-steward Mepham) as well as the opportunity to enjoy some in-flight entertainment giving details of the Top Ten places to visit in Europe. Second-officer Davies ably provided additional information regarding the continent before landing. Finally, we thank you for choosing to travel EasyGlebe Airlines today and look forward to seeing you again.

Passengers leaving flight EGA 4907 were all agreed that it had been an unexpected but exciting experience. It seems our surprise flight for the children has indeed sparked an interest in Europe – which is exactly what we wanted.


 I now know some of the places in Europe that I must go and see – so, that was really helpful!

By Arthur B, Year 5

Year 5' flight across Europe