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Year 4 - Preston Manor

Year 4 pupils have created TripAdvisor reviews on their Preston Manor trip

TripAdvisor review by Iris P, Year 4 

Last Monday, my class took a step back in time (about 200 years) to take a look at Preston Manor. The outside of the house was absolutely glamourous! After a good old stare, we all nervouslystarted walking into the preserved Manor to be treated like Victorian children.

If you take a small trip up the stairs, turn a right, then keep walking until you reach a strangely odd door. Open it and you'll see all the fascinating sight of Miss Lady Stanford's bedroom. If you don't know the way to places, there are people who get you in role and guide you. They are called Miss Rose and Mr Elphick. The ornaments, furniture, doors and bells are all well preserved for tourists to see. Another top room is the wash room. Most of the jobs you get when you're in role come from there. It looks like one of the poorest places in the house, but it was one of my favourites.

It made me feel nervous when I entered although after a while I got used to the smell and objects. The irons looked a bit strange, the washing machine looks weird but the dryer looks utterly ridiculous! My favourite room was the kitchen because if you're lucky, you get to make jam tarts.

I would recommend this to my family and other people because it is fun for the family and entertaining for kids.

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