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Year 3 Egyptian Day

The day was really exciting and the children loved the craft activities which helped them to experience something of the Ancient Egyptian way of life.

 By Miss Palmer, Year 3 teacher 

Pupils at Glebe Primary travel back 4,000 years in just one day!

On Thursday 14th March, Year 3 pupils were taken back almost 4,000 years to experience life as Ancient Egyptians. Throughout the day, the children were given a variety of exhausting tasks to carry out to find out how tough life was for ordinary Egyptian.

The day began with the children exploring different parts of Egyptian life. They had to decode an ancient scroll written in hieroglyphs to discover the important message left for them. They then went onto learn how to make papyrus, using reeds from the River Nile, in preparation for writing their own message or story using Egyptian hieroglyphs.

For many, the best part of the day was trying a variety of Egyptian foods at break time to give them the energy to create their own fashionable Egyptian jewellery, which any pharaoh would have indeed been honoured to wear! 

The day ended with a fantastic performance from the Rainbow Theatre in which all the children were able to participate and show off their drama skills. 


I loved dressing up and acting like an Ancient Egyptian. It was a fun way to learn history.

 By April C, Year 3