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Year 2 visit Lewes Castle

I loved going up the spiral staircase and seeing the view at the top. I could see the sea!

Tallulah, 2 Duddle 

Year 2 had a fantastic time on our trip to Lewes Castle! We had great fun exploring the castle with our guide and learning about what life would have been like nearly 1000 years ago when it was first built. One of the most memorable parts of the trip was walking up to the top of the keep and looking out at the view across Lewes. We also enjoyed dressing up as lords, ladies and knights and learning about their roles in castle life. During our visit we also took part in a brilliant story telling workshop called ‘The Three Brave Knights and the Big Bad Dragon’ all the children listened so well to the story and enjoyed joining in with the story teller. We even had time to look around the museum and discussed the different materials the artefacts were made from.

It was a great trip. I loved seeing the view from the keep. We learnt lots about knights.

 Ollie, 2 Parker-Rees