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Year 2

Explorer Day

Explorer day was fun. I liked when we made the newspaper shelters and watched the video about the polar adventure.

 By  Tristan B, Year 2

On Friday 4thJanuary, Year 2 had a great day being polar explorers. The children came to school dressed up ready to go on a polar adventure! We learnt about Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic journey and thought about what we would do if we were stranded in Antarctica. We had a go at building our own shelters, which was great fun. We then rationed some biscuits between us to help us survive. Some children even brought in personal recounts from friends and family about their experiences in the Arctic and Antarctic which were very interesting to hear about!

During the day we learnt about the seven continents of the world and where the Polar Regions and equator are. Would you rather live in Southwick, on the equator, in the North Pole, or the South Pole? We also learnt about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic and how they survive in such cold environments.

The best thing was making the shelters!

 By Molly S, Year 2