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Year 2 pupils tell us all about their recent trip!

By Leo B and Alana B

First me and my partner went on the coach. Then we arrived at Lewes Castle, we were excited! After that we dressed up like kings and queens, some of the outfits were funny. After that we had lunch, we were hungry! We also watched a fact video. Me and Elijah my partner liked it when the lights went on for the fire and snow. We also went to the top of the keep. We went so high!


 By Leo B 



We went on a trip to Lewes Castle. I went with my partner Evelyn. The first thing we did was get on the coach. It was a very long drive. Eventually we got there. First we went in a little room. There were lots of interesting things in the room and my favourite was watching a little movie about Lewes. The day wasn’t over yet. Next we had lunch and I had a cheese wrap and some strawberries. After that we put our things back in the drawer. They showed us a floor tile and some cool other things and then we listened to a story. Finally we got on the coach and we went back to school.

 By Alana B