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Year 2 Drama Workshop

It was awesome. I love dancing and acting! 

 By Patrick, Year 2 pupil

Year 2 had a fantastic ‘Tales, Turrets and Tiaras’ dress up day and drama workshop on Friday 29th November. The costumes were incredible! Several princesses, princes, knights and even a castle arrived at school! The children then experienced an excellent drama workshop with Merlin the Wizard. The children went on a thrilling adventure to recover the Sword in the Stone from the wicked Morgan Le Fey. On the way they encountered Queen Guinevere and the brave Sir Lancelot before making it back to The Round Table in time for the celebrations in Camelot! It was a very fun morning with lots of laugher and smiling.

It was great! I liked walking around as the different characters.

By Alana, Year 2 pupil