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Junior Governors

What are the Junior Governors? 

Glebe Junior Governors are a group of pupils, from Year 1 to Year 6, who were elected by their peers to represent the views of all our pupils and work together to improve our school. 

How do I become a Junior Governor?

  • Tell your class teacher: There may be lots of you that want to be one
  • Speech: Present a short presentation to your class explaining why you would make a brilliant Junior Governor
  • Class Vote: A secret vote occurs and 1 pupil per class will be selected for the role 

Who are our Junior Governors this year?

1 Dunbar: Zoe P

1 Blecha: Theo M

1 Mini Grey: Bella M-K 

2 Parker-Rees: Stanley K 

2 Shireen: Finley S 

2 Schwarz: Molly S 

3 Cowell: Callie S 

3 Lenton: Diego D 

3 McIntyre: Triniti M 

4 Riddell: Aaron G

4 Child: Lily T

5 Pichon: Grace M

5 Litchfield: Marcie J

6 Jeffers: Billy G

6 Briggs: Macie P

What do the Junior Governors do?

  • Meet and discuss issues with school leaders 
  • Action new ideas to help improve pupil experiences at Glebe
  • Help improve playtime experiences 
  • Launch new whole school rewards
  • Raise money for charity
  • Bring their own ideas to help improve the school 

Who makes a good Junior Governors? 

  • Someone who is a role model with our 3 values – Nurture, Inspire and Challenge
  • Someone who is reliable
  • Someone who is happy to listen and share other pupils’ ideas