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Glebe Primary School


Glebie Staff Team

The Strategic School Team

  • Headteacher: Mrs Crutchfield
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mr Lewis
  • Assistant Headteacher:  Miss Williams
  • Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Peace
  • Assistant Headteacher: Miss Rawlings
  • Acting Assistant Headteacher: Miss Leeves
  • Chair of Governors: Mr Dempster

The Senior Leadership Team

  • Headteacher: Mrs Crutchfield 
  • Reception Team Leader: Miss Rawlings
  • KS1 Team Leader: Miss Williams
  • LKS2 Team Leader: Mr Lewis
  • UKS2 Team Leader: Mrs Peace
  • SENCO Leader: Miss Jackson

Subject Leadership

  • Curriculum Design & Implementation Lead: Mr Lewis
  • First Aid Lead: Mrs Domagala & Mrs Weatherill
  • Designated Safeguarding & Thrive Lead: Mrs Groves
  • English Lead: Miss Williams
  • Maths Lead: Mrs Peace
  • Maths Mastery: Mrs Fox
  • Reading Lead: Miss Baker
  • MFL Lead: Mrs Beatty and Mrs McCauley
  • Science Lead: Mrs Fitzgerald
  • PHSE Lead: Miss Leeves and Mrs Corr
  • Computing Lead: Miss Trillwood
  • PE & Sport Lead:  Mr Miller
  • Art & Design Lead: Miss Palmer
  • Geography Lead: Mrs Marriott and Mrs Dudding
  • History Lead: Mr Pavely
  • Music Lead: Mrs Hearn
  • RE Lead: Miss Kelly
  • Home Learning Lead: Mrs Hearn
  • D&T Lead: Miss O'Connor
  • Eco School Lead: Miss Trillwood
  • TT Rockstars, ITT, ECT and all student placements: Miss Jackson
  • Research Lead: Miss Jackson

 Inclusion Team

  • SENCO: Miss Jackson
  • Pastoral Leader and Designated Safeguarding Leader: Mrs Groves
  • Pastoral Team: Mrs Gravestock
  • Pastoral Team: Mrs Ford

 School Administration Team

  • School Business Manager:  Mrs Domagala
  • Office Manager: Mrs Tarrant
  • Office Team: Mrs Tucknott
  • Office Team: Miss Konchal

 Our Reception Team

  • Reception Team Leader: Mrs Rawlings
  • Class Teacher: Miss O'Connor 
  • Class Teacher: Mrs Rawlings/Mrs Devaney
  • Class Teacher: Mrs Corr
  • EYFS HLTA: Mrs Khot
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss Wirtzfeld
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Crellin

 Our Year 1 Team

  • KS1 Team Leader: Miss Williams
  • Y1 Lead Teacher:  Miss Leeves
  • Class Teacher: Miss Duignan
  • Class Teacher: Ms Haresh
  • KS1 HLTA: Miss Schaverien
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss Day
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sutton 

 Our Year 2 Team

  • Team Leader: Miss Williams
  • Lead Teacher: Miss Williams & Mrs McCauley
  • Class Teacher: Mrs Marriott & Mrs Dudding
  • Class Teacher: Miss Kelly
  • KS1 HLTA: Miss Schaverien
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss Trimm
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sinden
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Windsor

 Our Year 3 Team

  • Team Leader: Mr Lewis
  • Lead Teacher: Mr Pavely
  • Class Teacher: Mrs McHugh
  • Class Teacher: Mrs Fitzgerald & Mrs Lockhart
  • LKS2 HLTA: Mrs Cullen
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Molloy
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Gillingham

 Our Year 4 Team 

  • Team Leader: Mr Lewis
  • Class Teacher: Mrs Hearn
  • Class Teacher:  Miss Bradbury
  • Class Teacher: Miss Trillwood
  • LKS2 HLTA: Mrs Cullen
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Weatherill
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lee
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss Gillingham

Our Year 5 Team 

  • Team Leader: Mrs Peace
  • 5 Magnolia: Mr Baker
  • 5 Oak: Mr McRae
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss Davies
  • Teaching Assistant: Ms Wirtzfeld
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Harris
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Dunford

 Our Year 6 Team

  • Team Leader: Mrs Peace
  • 6 Rowan: Mrs Peace & Miss Baker
  • 6 JuniperMs Palmer
  • 6 Hazel: Mr Miller
  • Teaching Assistant (HLTA): Mrs Gbago
  • Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Burt
  • Teaching Assistant: Miss Davis

 Our Sports Technician

  • Miss McCormack

 Our Midday Supervisors 

  • Team Leader: Mrs Windsor
  • Lunchtime Team: Mrs Hayes
  • Lunchtime Team: Mrs Davy-Thomas
  • Lunchtime Team: Mrs Dickson
  • Lunchtime Team: Ms Walker
  • Lunchtime Team: Miss Cook

Our Site Team

  • Premises Manager: Mr Williams
  • Premises Assistant: Mr Yonwin
  • Cleaning Team: Mrs Turrell
  • Cleaning Team: Miss Cesuniene
  • Cleaning Team: Mrs Kemp-Smith