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Whole School Reward Systems

Every classroom displays our core values

Glebe's core values:
Nurture, Inspire, Challenge (NIC)

Our Glebe values focus on positive behaviour and attitude 


We care about each other’s safety (including E-safety) and well-being.

We show each other respect.

We encourage and support each other.

We help ourselves and others.

We feel safe and protected in our school environment.


We develop skills and learn exciting facts and information.

We inspire each other by being positive role models.

We feel inspired when our hard work is valued and praised.

We motivate and encourage each through our positive attitude to life and learning.

We have a love for learning and challenge.


We are encouraged to develop and extend our skills and talents.

We learn about things that make us think.

We learn about the beautiful world we live in.

We try to be the best that we can be.

We always strive to improve.

The Glebe Values reinforce these values through our whole school assemblies, class assemblies and displays around the school.

NIC rewards 

There is a central display near the entrance of the school displaying these values. Children will be awarded a counter (each value is a different colour) to put into a tube for their house. We will keep count of these tokens for each house and the winning house will be given a special reward. We will count these up half termly and let the children know who is currently in the lead in a special assembly.


Early Years (EYFS)

 Children in Reception do not follow the Golden Time system until they reach KS1. Instead, they display a Cloud /Sun/ Rainbow /Umbrella in each of their classrooms. Every child is on the sunshine when they start the day. They can move to special class-named reward spaces for showing the NIC values.

There is also the ‘Rainbow’ and this is for one child per week who shows outstanding behaviour or work always linked to our NIC values.

The ‘Umbrella’ is used as a warning for when children are not listening or following class rules. If they continue not to follow instructions after this warning, they move onto the ‘cloud’ and receive a time out in the classroom. More serious incidences may require a time out in another classroom. All the children move back to the sunshine after lunch and this fresh start is explained to all.

Golden Time (KS1/KS2)

Every Friday, each child is given 30 minutes of ‘Golden Time'. Across year groups, teachers plan fun and rewarding activities for the children to take part in such as karaoke, yoga, quizzes, scavenger hunts ….. we have some very creative ideas! The children choose their activity at the beginning of the week and, if they follow our school’s NIC values, they will enjoy all this time with their peers.

If a child does not follow our values, they begin to lose ‘chunks’ of this time. In Year 1 and 2, these losses are in 3 minutes and in KS2, 5 minutes. Children will be given warnings before losing their Golden Time as a reminder to change their behaviour. Once a child has lost a chunk of time, it cannot be earnt back. In Years 1 and 2, we inform parents and carers if their child loses 15 or more minutes of Golden Time. In KS2 we inform parents/carers for each 5 minute loss.

We hope this will prove to be a fun way to promote and reward some of the excellent behaviour we already see here at Glebe. Please come and talk to a member of the leadership team if you have any questions.


Some of our other whole school rewards 

We believe that good work and positive behaviour should be recognised and acknowledged. We do this through a range of rewards, which include:

  • Good learning/behaviour/work stickers and stamps
  • Homelearning book comments and notes home
  • Verbal praise 
  • Head and Deputy stickers
  • Simply the Best certificates 
  • Positive comments and feedback, both verbally and written in books
  • Telephone calls home
  • Celebration of achievements in our newsletters  
  • Governor Award 
  • Sports persons of the year awards
  • Pupil 100% Attendance Award 

Marbles (KS1 and KS2) 

Children can be awarded marbles for demonstrating good behaviour and participation in lessons linked to our Glebe Values. These marbles feed into a class jar and act as a collective class reward system. When a class jar is filled fice times to create the word ‘TREAT’, the whole class has a treat chosen by the children and teacher.  Marbles can be given by any adult in the school (virtual marbles are given to children if they are not in their own classroom). There are lots of opportunities to receive marbles over the course of the day.

 Golden Glebie Awards (KS1 + KS2)

Golden Glebie certificates are given to 1 child from each class, each half term, who have exhibited outstanding behaviour or work linked to our NIC values.  The certificates are given out in a Key Stage assembly, where the children’s achievements are celebrated and shared by their class teachers. Children receiving these awards attend a tea party with the senior leaders  - where they have lots of fun and laughter!