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Art and Design teaching at Glebe

Art and Design Leadership team 

  • Martha Williams 
  • Jo Cooper 

How we teach Art and Design at Glebe

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Enrichment within Art and Design  

Glebe offers pupils an array of enrichment activities to provide exciting, stimulating experiences that enhance our curriculum and children's individual learning.

Art More Able Workshop: Back in April 2018, our Year 4 and 5 able artists discussed the way artist Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser used bright colours and swirls in his art pieces. Then, using his style as an inspiration, they planned their own art works. 

Theme days/weeks: Also in April 2018, our children had a wonderful time exploring India for a whole week. They enjoyed many fantastic opportunities such as food tasting, dancing, drumming, studying the Taj Mahal, listening to stories and making rangoli patterns. A special thank you went to Mr Rahman for sending in a range of wonderful Indian food for the children and staff to try. It was absolutely delicious!

Children's Parade: In May 2018 the Brighton Festival kicks off with the annual children's opening parade, which sees around 5,000 children from scores of schools and community organisations parading through the city in an explosion of sound and colour. We have taken part over the last few years and have loved every minute of it. This year we worked hard to  bring Hundertwasser's work to life.  Our parents and carers were fantastic and helped as money collectors, workshop supporters, onion carriers, heavy lifters, face painters, brow wipers and whistlers! We all had a brilliant time. We are especially proud of the children for making it such a great event.